Our Home

I built my home for you.

Carefully, I set up the walls with your favorite wall paper and art pieces.

I decorated the rooms to suit your taste in furniture.

I set up bars on the windows and the front doors to keep the thugs out.

Everyday I scrubbed the floors clean and dusted the the ceilings.

I sprayed the rooms with your favorite fragrance.

Hell I even lit candles in all the rooms at night just to keep you warm.

Finally I gave you the keys to my home, no your home, sorry our home,

You came in with your dirty sneakers ignoring my “no shoes allowed” sign at the front door and trailed dirt all over our glossy floors

You smeared your muddy fingers on our walls and the art pieces I thought you loved

You rearranged the furniture in all our rooms and threw most of them out

You removed the bars at the doors and the windows and invited your thugs to play

You said you hated the scent of the house and preferred the stench of your own garbage.

You blew out the candles at night because you preferred the cold.

I built my home for you,

Where we could grow old.

I made everything brand new,

And yet you destroyed it all forgetting that I live here too.

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