Pain and her Friends

At a young age before Pain befriended me,

All I had at the time were Hopes and Dreams.

Quickly she decided to move in

And as she did

She cast Hope and Dreams to a Valley

She claimed, “Oh they were far too boring!”

And because I was too lonely I let her

She made her abode in my eyes,

And fills my head with lies


Soon Pain invited her friends Fear and Doubt for a visit,

They got a little too comfortable and decided to never leave.

I tried to explain to her that there was a bit of overcrowding,

“Ah but Tammy,  I am insisting.”

One day Pain fell in love,

His name was Failure.

She said if I accepted him I would make her happy and she’d stay,

Because she and I must coexist.

She told me to hold his hand

I held on a little too tight afraid that if I let go Pain might cease to be

Pain loved it, she loved that she’d put me under her spell

Loved that I accepted her lover, my L.

Pain remained in my eyes

Fear and Doubt lived together in my heart.

Failure always held my hand.

Pain understood me

Failure comforted me

Fear and Doubt nurtured me

So now I’m never lonely.

Pain said I must never leave her and if I do she will cast me to the Valley,

Were she cast off Hopes and Dreams

The Valley filled with shadows a little too scary

But not as scary as its owner Death if he ever took an interest in me.

You may think you know Pain

But you don’t know her like I do.

You don’t know her the way she knows you.



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