I see the passion in your eyes Amidst the cloud of fear I see the beauty in your smile Under the shroud of pain I hear your heart beat As you pull me near I hear your thoughts “Oh I wish I was good enough” Oh but you are my dear Even better than your fears Stronger than your pain Bolder than your anxieties Embrace … Continue reading 21

You never spoke about it You never consulted Even when asked about it You always laugh it off Thinking about it now… Damn I feel insulted. You always swore that I would always come first I guess to you actions speak less. I always wondered if it was me you were ashamed of Or was it just your Ls you saw in the reflection that came … Continue reading


Let me explain to you the perks of being you. Let me explain to you the lies you thought were true. Let me explain to you why society will never accept you. I’m not talking about the race on your application. Or the color on your skin. I’m not taking about the gender you have decided to fall in love with. Or the God of your … Continue reading You